The family is important, it’s fundamental, as are the roots in an olive tree.

The family is the place where dreams born and are cultivated … and the dream for the Sapora family has always been one: to tell, through perfumes and flavors, the genuineness and value of their land … the Sabina!

Work, sacrifice and passion were the key words for Daniela Di Mario and Romano Sapora, who in 1999 succeeded in opening the family’s Agricultural Enterprise, immediately biological conduction, because they immediately focused on quality!

The family expands, Gabriele and Francesco arrive, and then it is time to dream even more…

And so, from the love placed in a shared dream, was born  Olio Sapora.

In 2008 the opening of the oil mill for personal use, an indispensable means of artfully processing olives and creating a product that meets the needs of the imagination.

40 hectares of land, about 8000 plants of native and non-nativecultivars, guarded with care and attention.

From the 2019 Gabriele is the head of the company. Combining tradition and innovation, He increasingly aims to produce a quality oil, capable of satisfying the most refined palates.

Go on like this…because the Dreams for Sapora’s family… MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

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