Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

William James
For this reason we follow closely every phase of the creation of our oil, and for each of them we choose the best.


Everything starts in the fields, where the plants are wisely kept by Gabriele, under the precious advice of Babbo Romano and Grandpa Alfredo.

Pruning is strictly done with methode called “a polyconic vase“, in keeping with the type of cultivars planted.


365 days form a year, and 365 are the days of careful work to arrive at the production of our “green gold“. But each year is different from another, the seasons alternate and the variables of which a production can be affected are many. Atmospheric events, sun, temperature and humidity are just some of these

We work to give you our best, and in order not to alter the natural cycle of events, we treat our plants with only products allowed in organic agriculture.

This is why our oil will never be the same as last year and will always have a new flavor, a new smell… Ready to tell a story that changes and evolves, keeping all the good of the past inside!


The plants are regularly monitored by Elaisian, a technological device that thanks to a system of algorithms, based on a database of agronomic studies, is able to prevent plant diseases and optimize the cultivation processes, from irrigation to fertilization, in the objective to improve the life of the olive tree and the work of the producer.


Harvesting takes place with electric olive harvesters, but also by hand harvesting. The olives are pressed exclusively within 24 hours of harvest, to keep all the organoleptic properties of the fruit intact. The extraction process takes place by mechanical processes, with cold extraction.

Preservation takes place through stainless steel tanks sealed with nitrogen, capable of maintaining all the qualities of the newly pressed oil over time.

The transition from storage to bottling takes place through a direct system in order to create as little stress as possible for the product, in order not to oxidize it or alter it at all.

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